David McCauley

RUTCP2-23.jpgHip_Hop_Infographik.jpg2014-12-06 23.51.21.jpgImamuthafuckinhustla.jpgMaking_Faking_Moves small file.jpgSkatasso.jpgVanderbilt Ave.jpgDub.JPGRUTCP2-17.jpgc21-LoseYourselfinLove black.jpgc7-FindYourselfinLove white.jpgMaceo.jpgImamuthafuckinhustler.jpgMad Drips.jpgNYC.jpgPurple Drank.jpgriseone.jpgBoom.JPGTsunami.jpgWoman.jpgRUTCP2-22.jpgwriteyourownstory.jpgSoul.JPGHip Hop Infographik.jpg
DAVID MCCAULEY is the founder of Rise Up Gallery as well as one of the participating artists. In the summer of 2008, David sustained a spinal cord injury at the C6 vertebrae, resulting in paralysis from the chest down and limiting the use of his hands.  An avid photographer, board rider, and traveler, David’s portfolio is a wide ranging collection of unique angles and symmetry found in his black and white urban streetscapes, colorfully majestic landscapes and documentary photography.  David’s craft also transcends into other artworks, where he utilizes recycled skateboards to create mosaics that manifest into short powerful words. David is influenced by cityscapes, board-riding (surf/skate/snow), water, musical elements, and peaceful mornings.  Exploring new sustainable ways to adaptively create art, David is fond of utilizing stencils, recycled materials, oil/acrylic on canvas, and mixed media.