Kasey Tararuj

KC Art3.jpgblue storm small.jpgcrow feet small.jpgoctotrunk small.jpginfinity small.JPGKC Art4.jpgshared small.JPGof elegant beauty small.jpgsinking small.jpgKC Art1.jpggeeraff small.JPGher celestial body small.JPG

KASEY TARARUJ was fourteen years old in 2000, when an unexpected and unpredictable AVM on her spinal cord took away the use of her legs.  Art and creating has been Kasey’s biggest passion for her entire life, but it wasn’t until her situation arose that she began to use art on a different level than many artists.  As the most significant form of venting and dealing with life as a paraplegic, drawing and painting is Kasey’s sanity, especially during unbearable moments.  Initially, she used her artwork to illustrate the thoughts and feelings she could not otherwise express, but as life slowly became easier, her subject matter began to mature and expand.  Having always been drawn to and heavily inspired by strange and surreal artwork, much of Kasey’s artwork could be described as bizarre with a touch of darkness, while other of her work focuses on beauty or light-hearted nonsense.  Kasey’s most popular series are her One-Eyed Girls (paintings and drawings of distorted, but sexy female figures) and Kaotic Kritters (paintings and sculptures of cartoony characters with unique personalities), but she never limits herself as an artist or even as a person, constantly pursuing new projects and experiences.