Isabell Villacis

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ISABELL VILLACIS was born October 3rd, 1979, weighing only one pound and was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy. Thanks to her mother, Ana Villacis, her caretaker, she has overcome many obstacles and since the age of 16 her interests have inclined towards art. After graduation from Lakeview School (Edison, NJ) at age 21, Isabell participated in a non-profit program that facilitated individual artistic expressions and encouraged creative abilities. In a profound way, this talented young woman shares with us her experience with art and how she has found freedom and the ability to express her feelings, emotions and thoughts through the creation of work. Isabell has participated in many art shows including: The Department of Human Services (Trenton, NJ), The Princeton University Art Museum (Princeton, NJ), Kessler Rehabilitation Institute (Livingston, NJ), and in Paris, France. She is currently collaborating with a group of Hispanic Artists in NJ. Among her multiple talents and gifts is her kind heart. In 2007 Isabell was able to fulfill one of her dreams, which was to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This elegant tower has been one of her precious muses and been the inspiration for many of her paintings. Isabell also creates abstract music, sculptures, photographs and graphic design. With no use of her legs and minimal use of her hands, Isabell is inspiring to all who have the fortune to meet her. Isabell is a member of Fundacion Manos A La Ayuda, Inc. Hands Help Hands. This organization sponsored art exhibits in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, for Isabell. In June of 2009 Isabell’s work was displayed in both the Boiling Bank of Rutherford and the office of Fundacion Manos A La Ayuda, Inc. She has also been the inspiration for a scholarship fund called the “The Picasso Dream” sponsored by Fundacion Manos A La Ayuda, Inc, Hands Help Hands. This scholarship provides funds each year to students graduating from high school with physical or learning disabilities, who want to, like Isabell, pursue their dream in the art field.