Laurie Kammer


LAURIE KAMMER is thrilled to be joining the Rise Up Artist Community! In June 2011, Laurie fell from a tree resulting in a T-10 Spinal Cord Injury. She knew the instant she fell that the arts were going to play a big role in getting herself “back on her feet.” Taking all forms of dance classes since a young age…Laurie is also a passionate visual artist and singer/songwriter with her beloved ukulele. Laurie holds a bachelors degree in Sculpture and Digital Art & Design with her minor in music. Though she had planned on attending graduate school this fall, Laurie is adapting to the new turn her life has taken and continues to follow her heart towards a fulfilled and passionate life. She is eager to begin working with the adaptive art studio, “Rise Up Art Space,” beginning this spring to bring her gifts to the community of disabled artists. A certified Music Together teacher and Radiant Child Yoga teacher, Laurie hopes to facilitate an “inter-modal” approach towards weaving together all forms of art in order to meet each unique individual’s specific interests and needs. During her stay at Kessler Rehabilitation, she had the privilege of working with a new Art therapist and quickly felt that others suffering this kind of trauma would benefit from the limitless potential of the healing arts. Now home with her family, Laurie is creating her own healing therapy program with an Expressive Arts Therapist, Thai Yoga, Essential Oils, Acupuncture, Myofascial massage, Music Therapy, and an Enzyme-rich diet. Hopeful and optimistic that a cure is just around the corner, Laurie is grateful to contribute towards funding spinal cord research while also helping others to “Rise Up.” Her motto: “Give to community, Live Spontaneously, Love Universally, Co-Create with me!”